Friday, February 18, 2011

Two people walk out of a building and into a story

Marc looked over at his girlfriend, struggling with her luggage and smiled.
“You know that we’re only going for a week, right?” he said, raising his eyebrows.
“A girl’s gotta have choices you know. Don’t you worry, I’m perfectly capable of handling my own bags,” Keri replied a-matter-of-factly. She pushed her sunglasses up her nose and proceeded to drag three pink heavy suitcases through the airport. Marc shook his head and laughed.

That was his Keri, beautiful, strong, proud and stubborn. They had been dating for three years now and for their fourth anniversary he was going to propose to her in Mauritius. Thinking back to the first day they met, he still could not believe how lucky he was that out of all the guys she could have had, she picked him. Despite her tough exterior, she had a good heart and that was why he loved her so much. He could not imagine spending his life with any other woman but Keri.

“Do you need some help over there?” he asked, glancing at his watch. He did not want to miss the flight.
Keri sighed loudly, “I thought you’d never ask.” She dropped two bags at his feet and kissed him on the cheek. “Come on baby, we don’t want to miss our flight.” She playfully pinched his leg and marched passed him, heels clicking on the shiny tiles as she made her way to the check-in counter.

On the plane, Keri snuggled closer to Marc and squeezed his hand. “I’m so excited! Can you tell?” she gushed. Marc laughed and pulled her closer. She had not stopped talking once since they boarded the plane. The elderly couple sitting across from them looked very annoyed.
"This is going to be an unforgettable trip my angel.” Keri looked up at Marc and thought how blessed she was to have him in her life. She smiled and closed her eyes. “Whatever I did to get you, I’m glad I did it. I’ve never been happier in my life. Love you my baby” He turned off the reading lamp and held her tightly. “I love you too”.

The sun streamed into the untidy bedroom. Marc slowly opened one heavy-lidded eye and looked at the alarm clock next to his bed. The framed photograph of him and Keri in Mauritius caught his eye and it all came back to him. It had been a month since the night of the accident but he remembered it like it was yesterday. With tears in his eyes, Marc turned away from the picture and buried himself deep under the blankets. Keri was gone and she was never coming back.


  1. Alexa are you nuts?! You got me all excited and interested in the story, only to find out the harsh, sad truth in the end. Almost had a knob in my throat...sniff...sniff. Haha well done, nice blog!:)

  2. When I started reading I was all happy and thought this would be a godd read as I just love romantic comedies, but you had to go and turn it all around. You really have me sitting with teary eyes.

  3. Beautiful story. Well-written. Tugged at my heart strings.