Friday, February 25, 2011

Gir'ls Night Out

Isn’t a girl’s night out just the best? The laughing, the make-up, the outfits, the cocktails… aahhh the memories! J anyway, while it’s all good letting your hair down there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

DO dress to kill – there’s no law against that!
DON’T dress like you’re going to work the corner for the rest of the night

DO have a fab make-up look that highlights your features
DON’T get too excited with make-up, you’re not doing a show on Broadway

DO call a cab to pick you and your friends up, if you don’t have a designated driver or a car
DON’T hike to the club or drive if everybody is going to drink

DO have your I.D on you when you get to the club
DON’T try and use your student card to get in

DO have a few rounds of your favourite drinks with the girls
DON’T announce that you’re buying rounds for the whole bar – your bank account won’t be smiling with you tomorrow

DO buy your own drinks and keep an eye on them throughout the night
DON’T let the greasy old man, licking his lips in the corner buy you drinks

DO dance and wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care
DON’T take off your bra and wave it in the air

DO make sure that you all get home safely
DON’T wave goodbye to your friend, while she gets into a car with a guy she just met

DO hug your friends before going home to sleep
DON’T fall asleep “hugging the toilet”

DO make sure that you have a house key when you get home
DON’T break a window so that you can get inside

DO have another awesome girl’s night out again at your favourite spot
DON’T get banned from coming back to your favourite club again

With all that said and done...

Cheers Ladies!



  1. Seems like you are experienced at having ladies nights hey Ms Jacobs?hahahahaha:) Some good advice for all the ladies out there.

  2. These tips are simple and easy to remember. I'll be following a few on my next girls night out;-)

  3. You highlight important safety tips while using humour. I absolutely love reading your blogs.