Sunday, February 13, 2011

Did Ya Know?

We live in such a busy and fast world – it’s all about meeting deadlines, going grocery shopping, zooming through traffic to make it to class, tweeting, finishing assignments, rushing to the bank before it closes…phew! Are we actually crazy?! We’re so consumed in all of the above and more, that we don’t realise what’s going on around us. So I’ve compiled a list of some interesting, some gross and some weird facts to entertain you for a couple of minutes before you rush back to your hectic life again. Here we go…
Did you know that…
1.      Onions don’t have a flavor, only a smell – so all these years we’ve been making food, we’ve been crying for nothing?
2.      The average human will eat 8 spiders in their lifetime at night – for those of you that sleep with your mouths open…that’s quite unfortunate.
3.      When intoxicated, ants fall on their right-hand side
4.      Every year, an average person will consume 12 public hairs in their fast food – GROSSSS!!!
5.      If you fart consistently for 6 years and 9 months, you’ll produce gas enough to create the energy of an atomic bomb – How do people actually know these things? Did someone actually physically do this or what?
6.      Billy goats urinate on their heads to appear attractive to the females If I were a female Billy goat, I’d stay single for the rest of my life! That’s for sure!
7.       A half a kilogram of peanut butter can contain up to 150 bug fragments and 5 rodent hairs I’m so glad I don’t eat peanut butter J
8.      A snail can sleep for three years
9.      A dentist invented the electric chair – errrrmmm but why?
10.  When a human urinates, a small deposit of urine enters the mouth through the saliva glands – something to think about when you go to the bathroom.

I got these facts from and – so if my list got you wanting to know more, visit these sites for more weird, wacky and gross facts.
If you have any other interesting facts please add them below J
Peace, love and happiness


  1. hahahahahahahaha Lexi Lex! Your writing always puts a smile on my face :) Very refreshing and vibrant. I was definitely entertained for those few minutes :) Thank you!

  2. I have to agree with Meggan! I loved it! Cheered me up on this blue Monday:-)I am so glad I don't eat peanut butter too! lol

  3. Lexi you are sooo funny. Thank you for the light entertainment after a long day at work. I enjoyed reading this post. It put a smile on my dial...