Friday, February 25, 2011

Gir'ls Night Out

Isn’t a girl’s night out just the best? The laughing, the make-up, the outfits, the cocktails… aahhh the memories! J anyway, while it’s all good letting your hair down there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

DO dress to kill – there’s no law against that!
DON’T dress like you’re going to work the corner for the rest of the night

DO have a fab make-up look that highlights your features
DON’T get too excited with make-up, you’re not doing a show on Broadway

DO call a cab to pick you and your friends up, if you don’t have a designated driver or a car
DON’T hike to the club or drive if everybody is going to drink

DO have your I.D on you when you get to the club
DON’T try and use your student card to get in

DO have a few rounds of your favourite drinks with the girls
DON’T announce that you’re buying rounds for the whole bar – your bank account won’t be smiling with you tomorrow

DO buy your own drinks and keep an eye on them throughout the night
DON’T let the greasy old man, licking his lips in the corner buy you drinks

DO dance and wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care
DON’T take off your bra and wave it in the air

DO make sure that you all get home safely
DON’T wave goodbye to your friend, while she gets into a car with a guy she just met

DO hug your friends before going home to sleep
DON’T fall asleep “hugging the toilet”

DO make sure that you have a house key when you get home
DON’T break a window so that you can get inside

DO have another awesome girl’s night out again at your favourite spot
DON’T get banned from coming back to your favourite club again

With all that said and done...

Cheers Ladies!


If I were a boss...

I would want my employees to be happy. Of course, we all have our days when we don’t feel like coming into the office but it’s a bad sign to feel like that every single day.

I would treat my employees with trust and respect. I’ve found that bosses and managers so easily forget that their employees are also human. How can you expect greatness from your employees if you treat them like crap?

I would get to know my employees on a personal level. It’s actually pathetic not knowing the little things about your employees. Once you understand the type of people you’re working with, you’ll know how to communicate with them on all levels.

I would insist on having regular team-building activities. This is a great opportunity for fellow employees to get to know each other better, which will ultimately improve their work relationships. I think being happy and comfortable in the workplace is so important. Life isn’t all about deadlines and how much profit can be made.

I would instil a relaxed atmosphere in the office. We’re not inmates so why have a stiff and strict environment? Employees on all levels should feel comfortable voicing their opinions in the workplace. I want everyone to feel that their contributions to anything are valuable. Unnecessary pressure in the workplace is stupid. Why stress your employees out for no reason? A creative atmosphere is the best space to be in.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Say Whaaaat???

I can’t stand rude people! They are so….well….rude. But why? Like this morning, I tried printing some class notes in the library but the printers weren’t working.  So I asked the “computer lab policeman” if there were any other printers working. He looked at me like I had asked him the same question for the past hour and started saying something sarcastic. That’s when I looked straight at him and said: ”Excuse me but I only asked you a simple question. That’s all.” I should’ve snapped my fingers three times in the air before walking away but I didn’t.

Besides getting an uncalled for reaction from somebody, another thing that really REALLY upsets me is derogatory comments that people make. Some people make obnoxious comments, thinking they’re strong individuals because they speak their mind. Well, I’m sorry but that just makes you an idiot. Others just don’t stop and think about the words that come out of their mouths. Plain and simple, it all boils down to people being selfish and inconsiderate. It’s a very ugly quality to have.

Here’s a seven step process you can follow to resolve any situation with a rude person:

Step 1: Put your hands on your hips and say :”Oh no you di-ent!” (Wave your index finger for more emphasis)
Step 2: If you’re wearing earrings, ask a friend standing nearby to hold them for you
Step 3: Slowly put down any other items you’re holding so that your hands are free
Step 4: If you’re wearing a long-sleeve shirt, roll up the sleeves
Step 5: Crack your neck loudly
Step 6: Make a fist
Step 7: Ding ding ding….Round 1….FIGHT!

Yeah…okay so maybe that isn’t the best way of handling things. Click here for a much more mature way of dealing with rude people. I don’t believe in stooping to their level and majority of the time I stay as cool as a cucumber or I simply ignore what they just said. However, the rare occasion does arise when I just feel like following the above seven step process. Dynamite does come in small packages, I’ll have you know J

Have a great weekend guys

Peace, love and positive energies


Two people walk out of a building and into a story

Marc looked over at his girlfriend, struggling with her luggage and smiled.
“You know that we’re only going for a week, right?” he said, raising his eyebrows.
“A girl’s gotta have choices you know. Don’t you worry, I’m perfectly capable of handling my own bags,” Keri replied a-matter-of-factly. She pushed her sunglasses up her nose and proceeded to drag three pink heavy suitcases through the airport. Marc shook his head and laughed.

That was his Keri, beautiful, strong, proud and stubborn. They had been dating for three years now and for their fourth anniversary he was going to propose to her in Mauritius. Thinking back to the first day they met, he still could not believe how lucky he was that out of all the guys she could have had, she picked him. Despite her tough exterior, she had a good heart and that was why he loved her so much. He could not imagine spending his life with any other woman but Keri.

“Do you need some help over there?” he asked, glancing at his watch. He did not want to miss the flight.
Keri sighed loudly, “I thought you’d never ask.” She dropped two bags at his feet and kissed him on the cheek. “Come on baby, we don’t want to miss our flight.” She playfully pinched his leg and marched passed him, heels clicking on the shiny tiles as she made her way to the check-in counter.

On the plane, Keri snuggled closer to Marc and squeezed his hand. “I’m so excited! Can you tell?” she gushed. Marc laughed and pulled her closer. She had not stopped talking once since they boarded the plane. The elderly couple sitting across from them looked very annoyed.
"This is going to be an unforgettable trip my angel.” Keri looked up at Marc and thought how blessed she was to have him in her life. She smiled and closed her eyes. “Whatever I did to get you, I’m glad I did it. I’ve never been happier in my life. Love you my baby” He turned off the reading lamp and held her tightly. “I love you too”.

The sun streamed into the untidy bedroom. Marc slowly opened one heavy-lidded eye and looked at the alarm clock next to his bed. The framed photograph of him and Keri in Mauritius caught his eye and it all came back to him. It had been a month since the night of the accident but he remembered it like it was yesterday. With tears in his eyes, Marc turned away from the picture and buried himself deep under the blankets. Keri was gone and she was never coming back.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Did Ya Know?

We live in such a busy and fast world – it’s all about meeting deadlines, going grocery shopping, zooming through traffic to make it to class, tweeting, finishing assignments, rushing to the bank before it closes…phew! Are we actually crazy?! We’re so consumed in all of the above and more, that we don’t realise what’s going on around us. So I’ve compiled a list of some interesting, some gross and some weird facts to entertain you for a couple of minutes before you rush back to your hectic life again. Here we go…
Did you know that…
1.      Onions don’t have a flavor, only a smell – so all these years we’ve been making food, we’ve been crying for nothing?
2.      The average human will eat 8 spiders in their lifetime at night – for those of you that sleep with your mouths open…that’s quite unfortunate.
3.      When intoxicated, ants fall on their right-hand side
4.      Every year, an average person will consume 12 public hairs in their fast food – GROSSSS!!!
5.      If you fart consistently for 6 years and 9 months, you’ll produce gas enough to create the energy of an atomic bomb – How do people actually know these things? Did someone actually physically do this or what?
6.      Billy goats urinate on their heads to appear attractive to the females If I were a female Billy goat, I’d stay single for the rest of my life! That’s for sure!
7.       A half a kilogram of peanut butter can contain up to 150 bug fragments and 5 rodent hairs I’m so glad I don’t eat peanut butter J
8.      A snail can sleep for three years
9.      A dentist invented the electric chair – errrrmmm but why?
10.  When a human urinates, a small deposit of urine enters the mouth through the saliva glands – something to think about when you go to the bathroom.

I got these facts from and – so if my list got you wanting to know more, visit these sites for more weird, wacky and gross facts.
If you have any other interesting facts please add them below J
Peace, love and happiness

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Designer PR - yes please!

In a nutshell Designer PR is doing PR for well…designers! Fashion designers, graphic designers, web designers, home designers – you get the picture. All in all it’s totally fabulous daaaarling, don’t you think?
With PR being such a broad field, the opportunities in this profession are endless. I have to admit that when I chose to study this course, I didn’t have a cooking clue about what Public Relations actually entailed. I saw the words media, events, lights, camera, action and I was sold! Man, how disappointed I was halfway through my first year. However, in the second semester of my second year I finally wrapped my head around what PR actually was and came to realise that “Hey, I can definitely do this!”
The reason I’m so excited about Designer PR? I love all things creative! Music, dance, stage performances – oh how I love them all! Now while PR isn’t a rigid career field, personally I wouldn’t be happy doing PR for Government. I want the environment I’m working in to be about all things creative. My clients will be artists, dancers and rock stars!
With the long-awaited recognition of PR’s importance, we as PR professionals can now shine in our industries and society! Before we were labeled as an unnecessary luxury, but with the shift in corporate leadership, customer relationships and the arrival of social media all over the world, PR has become a need. They tried to hold us down but we came back stronger than before!
I mean Designer PR – wow who would’ve thought? I love that PR is constantly on the lookout for new trends, new opportunities and new methods of operating. We’re evolving and embracing the changes that the world throws at us. And as  you all know, only the strong survive, so there you go J

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Soooo useless!

Good afternoon guys! :)

This is Lexi coming live to you from e-learning...
So after searching for twenty-two minutes for a computer that:
a) switches on
b) has a mouse   AND
c) is connected to the Internet
.....I can finally sit down and write my final blog for the week. I know I'm cutting it fine but better late than never right?

Anyway so I started thinking about school a.k.a the good ol' days and realised that we had quite a few subjects that in my opinion were pretty useless. Although I hated Maths and Science, I have to admit that I'm glad I did it. I mean everyone needs to know how to count and I'm sure that the structure of DNA and quantum machanics will come in use at some point in your life.

Needless to say, I didn't have to think hard at all about this one...the worst subject I had in school was definitely, without a doubt, scientifically proven to be..."dromroll please"....drrrrrrrrrrr....bang! NEEDLEWORK!  Urgh! The very thought of it sends shivers through my fingers. Knitting teddies, crocheting, embroidery,'s all very pretty but oh how I hate anything to do with a needle, thread, wool, lace and so on.

I despise having to do things that are of no interest to me, so I had to ask my needlework teacher why it was important we learn all the different kinds of stitching and what not. Her reply to my question : "What are you going to do when your husband gets a hole in his sock or when a button pops off his work shirt?" I can't remember what my response was but I think it was something like: "Oh no you di'ent!"
All I know is that it was right there and then that the thought of me being married was dropped like a hot potato.

Here are my questions in response to her question that she responded with to my first question:

#1: Why can't my future husband you speak of, buy himself a new pair of socks?
#2: Or better yet, why can't he learn how to mend his own socks and shirt buttons?
#3: Is the highlight of my days going to be when this husband of mine comes home and announces that his toes are sticking out of his socks?
#4: Why are there only girls in the needlework class? What are you people actually trying to say?
#5: Errmmm...I ran outta questions

So the moral of my story is that I will never do anything just because society or any other person for that matter, expects me to. I am my own person and I won't let my gender determine what my interests should or should not be. To all of you out there that love needlework (and are married) and even the single ladies that love needlework, I think that it's great! For real. No disrespect - to each her own right? :)

Please tell me about a school subject that you thought was useless or that you just didn't enjoy. I know that we all have at least one..I'd love to hear from you.

Peace, love and happiness


I am...writing my very first personal blog

So we’ve been given the task of starting and owning our own blog, which I think is brilliant. It’s a great way to maintain our writing skills that we’ve learnt so far and at the same time we’re not restricted to a specific writing style and format. Totally up my alley!

I love writing but lately I’ve been experiencing ‘writer’s block’. Am I the only person experiencing this? Somehow I think that my summer holidays were just too long. I feel like my mind, body and soul are still tanning somewhere on a beach. While I’m really looking forward to my last year of study  -which is a bit of a sad realisation- , I just can’t seem to get it together. Okay, so we are only in our first week but I really hate feeling unorganised. I’ve come a long way since my first first year (I did a short course in Management Practice before PR) from the good old ‘girls gone wild’ nights. I’m way WAY more focused now and just really want to get the show on the road and explore new aspects of my academic, emotional and personal growth side of life.

Wow, look at that. Without even thinking I wrote my first blog J It’s weird, like even though Marian told us to run wild and free with our blogs, it still feels like she’s standing behind me and mentally highlighting all my grammar errors. (Hopefully no spelling mistakes!) LOL

That’s all for now folks...

Peace, love and positive energies