Sunday, February 6, 2011

I am...writing my very first personal blog

So we’ve been given the task of starting and owning our own blog, which I think is brilliant. It’s a great way to maintain our writing skills that we’ve learnt so far and at the same time we’re not restricted to a specific writing style and format. Totally up my alley!

I love writing but lately I’ve been experiencing ‘writer’s block’. Am I the only person experiencing this? Somehow I think that my summer holidays were just too long. I feel like my mind, body and soul are still tanning somewhere on a beach. While I’m really looking forward to my last year of study  -which is a bit of a sad realisation- , I just can’t seem to get it together. Okay, so we are only in our first week but I really hate feeling unorganised. I’ve come a long way since my first first year (I did a short course in Management Practice before PR) from the good old ‘girls gone wild’ nights. I’m way WAY more focused now and just really want to get the show on the road and explore new aspects of my academic, emotional and personal growth side of life.

Wow, look at that. Without even thinking I wrote my first blog J It’s weird, like even though Marian told us to run wild and free with our blogs, it still feels like she’s standing behind me and mentally highlighting all my grammar errors. (Hopefully no spelling mistakes!) LOL

That’s all for now folks...

Peace, love and positive energies



  1. You're growing mousey:) Let yourself go with the writing. You know you write beautifully...:)

  2. I enjoy your blogs. Its light hearted and fun. Will always get you smiling! I look forward to reading your posts;-)

  3. Lexie, be proud of your personal growth and kick the "writer's block" to the curb!