Friday, April 15, 2011

love is...

You’re the first thing I want when I wake up in the morning
Your smell – so familiar, is comforting and so relaxing
You give me a warm feeling inside
You pick me up when I’m feeling down and out
You help take my mind off things when I’m feeling stressed
You’ve always been there for me when I needed you, anytime of the day
You’re sweet but not too sweet either – you have that perfect balance
You give me the strength to get through each day
You‘re always so warm and inviting
You’re the perfect study buddy – always motivating and keeping me focused
You have your moments when you’re hot and cold but I love you regardless
You’ve always been there for me during the good and the bad times
You’re the only consistent thing in my life
You’re one I know I can always depend on and turn to no matter what
I’ll never replace you or give you up for anything in this world
I can never get too much of you even though some people say you’re not good for me

...oh how I love a good cuppa coffee ;)

the sound of one hand clapping

How do you clap with one hand? Could this be a metaphor for something? If it is, I can’t think of anything it could be. The sound of one hand clapping...the sound of one hand clapping...unfortunately this means nothing to me except the sound of one hand clapping, which is physically impossible.
Okay, let’s think about it for a second. The sound of one hand clapping would be a pretty lonely sound. Not very cheerful. It has quite a sad element to it. I tried clapping with one hand but the sound isn’t very loud. It doesn’t really make a statement. It’s like a whisper compared to two hands clapping.
What a strange thought, the sound of one hand clapping. I’m not finding this inspiring much. In fact, I feel a little retarded rambling on about something that doesn’t really speak to me. It should be rather interesting to look at what others have written on this topic though. I know that there are some amazing minds that could turn this random topic into something interesting. Unfortunately, my mind does not possess the skill to do that. Maybe if I smack myself upside the head, I’d be able to tell a different tale. But it’s not something I’m too excited about doing.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

just not feeling it

I don’t think I’ve ever had writer’s block this bad. I’ve been sitting here for the past 15 minutes, rubbing my eyes, scratching my head – doing basically anything and everything that could help get an idea into my head. All I get is nothing. Nothing....wait let me try again.........nope nothing.
I’m only human and so it can’t be expected that I be ‘on’ all the time. But the world doesn’t care about that little detail. Not school, university, work, your parents, your lecturers, your better half... none of them. If you’re sad then you should be allowed to feel sad. If you’re angry, be angry. If you’re stressed out and tired then you should be able to unwind. The big problem I think is that people aren’t given the opportunity to deal with what they’re feeling. They’re just expected to smile and be happy and get good results and stay on top of things all the damn time.
Like I know my attitude isn’t ideal with everything that’s going on but who cares. I’m just not feeling all of this. Oh, that doesn’t mean I’m going to curl up in a little ball in a dark hole somewhere and get comfortable. No ways. I’m just enjoying this little moment and then I’ll get over it. I know that a lot of you feel or felt this way at some point, so my advice to you is feel whatever you are feeling. (Don’t let people tell you how you should and shouldn’t be feeling.) Express the way you are feeling (in a healthy way of course) and then pick yourself up, dust your shoulder off and get on with the show. It feels good, I promise J

not all who wander are lost

Society produces robots. If you’re not wearing the right clothes, listening to the right music, dating the perfect guy/girl, in possession of the latest techno gadgets or friends with the right people well, you are basically a loser. People who are different are labelled ‘social misfits’ and I sometimes think to myself who are we to call someone a ‘social misfit’? Who died and gave us the power to decide what’s hot and what’s not? These standards that society has set are actually quite stupid. I think that humans must be the most self-destructing and plain stupid species in the world.
We point, stare and frown at people who wander away from society’s path. Musicians are a perfect example. They are considered to be poor and irresponsible with their heads in the clouds. We shake our heads at their rickety cars and dirty jeans but when they make it big, we’re the ones that end up worshipping them. I find that the weirdest thing!
I’m so glad that there are at least some people that don’t conform to society’s rules. How dull wouldn’t the world be? You can call them crazy or even feel sorry for them because they’re not up to ‘standards’. But while you’re freaking out trying to be perfect so you can stay ‘in’ with society, the wanderers are free. Free to open their minds and hearts to greater experiences. They are not the lost ones; they know what they want and where they want to be.  They aren’t the ones falling subject to the mind-controlling game of society.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a 2nd chance

A second chance is all we make up for mistakes, to prove ourselves to something or someone or even to get us to where we’re destined to be. Life isn’t like an exam where if you fail once, you have to stick with and the results you get.
I’ve met some people in my life that don’t believe in second chances. To them it’s about what’s done is done and things will never change. You know on the outside they’re all hardcore but really on the inside they must be hurting. How can you open yourself to love if you don’t believe in second chances? How can you grow as a person if you don’t believe in second chances? So they fall down once and then that’s it? What a sad sad existence. Living in fear of what could be and sacrificing great things for the sake of your pride and reputation will never bring you true happiness.
It’s these people especially who need second chances and it would only be cruel to not allow them that. Nobody on this rotating earth is perfect. I don’t care how good-looking you are, how much money you make or what an amazing person you are. You’re still not perfect. None of us are in the position to judge each other – there’s a Higher Power that does that already.
If I never gave myself and others a second chance, I would not be the person I am today. I would not have had the amazing people that are in my life today. Because by giving others second chances you allow yourself to receive them.

how do you step from the top of a 100-foot pole?

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Open your eyes and leap!
Nothing in life comes easy. Following your dreams or making the move for a first kiss involves some level of risk. Playing it safe just won’t do. Never settle for something that you know could be better. The not-knowing of how the situation could’ve been will eat you alive.
Life is a casino. Bright lights, smoke and temptation are all around but so are opportunities. If you never take a gamble, you will forever be mesmerised by the flashing lights, thinking what if? Grab the dice, kiss it for luck, give it a little shake and throw it down. The story has two possible endings. Either you win or lose. Whatever happens was meant to be. Most importantly a lesson will be learnt. You can reap the rewards or learn from your mistakes keeping you from doing so.
Everyone in the world has the potential to be great. We might not all find ourselves in the same circumstances but we all have that right, and that is to be amazing. It becomes our responsibility to make that happen. If stepping from the top of a 100-foot pole could lead you to greatness, then do it. Have faith in yourself that no matter what happens, you will continue to step off the top of those poles. Every day we step off the top of poles. Some might not be as high as others but keep stepping. You never know how high those poles could take you.

Monday, April 4, 2011

hey, it's just me :)

So we’ve been asked to write about ourselves – AGAIN?! I don’t think that all the king’s horses and all the king’s men could even keep count of the amount of times I’ve written about me, myself and I. But a thought came to me though, just as I was about to do that “oh-no-do-we-have-to?” groan. I thought to myself: Alexa, you’ve grown so much, well not vertically, but yes you’ve grown since the last time you had to dish out the dirt about yourself. This piece would be like nothing you’ve written before! And as the theme song of The Powerpuff Girls faded somewhere into the back of my head, I suddenly realised that I was excited to write this blog. Whoo-hoo!

Okay, so who am I? What am I like? Well, my name is Alexa but everyone calls me Lexi. I’m also really short, so you bet I’ve heard every, and I mean EVERY single short joke under the sun. I’m yet to have someone hit me up with a very impressive short joke. So until then I’ll keep on responding with a bored smile. I love laughing, I really do appreciate a good sense of humour – which I like to think I have, oh and I love people. I love laughing with people and sometimes at them. New friends, old friends – it doesn’t really matter. I’m just looking for real people that I can share the good and bad times with. Friendship to me is so important and I really value all of mine. I’ll do anything for old friends, new friends, distant friends, potential friends you name it. Unfortunately people do take advantage of you and treat you like crap but I’ve learnt that sometimes it’s just not worth it. I guess that I’ve reached a stage where I want to be surrounded by people who add value to my life and have a positive influence on me. (*Sigh*, if my parents could only hear their first-born now.) We all make mistakes but we live and we learn. Everybody deserves a second chance at everything and I’m a firm believer in that but don’t push it, you know what I’m saying?

It’s appropriate that my name means – (loud deep voice) “the helper of mankind” – because that’s what I’m all about. I love helping people where I can with everything and anything. I want everyone in the world to feel good about themselves and be proud of their unique qualities. I absolutely hate those “mean girls” type of cliques because it’s always controlled by one person who had absolutely no idea about who the hell they are. You know that story about dynamite that comes in small packages...well it’s true. I have a mind of my own and I’m not afraid to speak it. Hell no! I’m normally very chilled about stuff but when someone pushes me to the edge, I’m willing and able to tell it like it is. I don’t care who you are, okay. I’m very driven in everything I do and I take pride in all my achievements. Things don’t get handed to you in life; you need to work for them. People who want to be spoon-fed their entire lives, have no backbone in my opinion. Tsk tsk very pathetic!

Anyway, now is the perfect time for a little list I think. Just a few things of what I like and don’t like – it’ll be like getting to know me speed-dating style.

·         I love love love strawberries. Here’s why
·         I don’t love it when old men wink at me when I’m out at night with my girls.
·         I love the colour blue.
·         I don’t love fake, self-centred, “my hair is straighter than yours” type of people.
·         I love my family, making new friends and spending time with my old ones.
·         I don’t love it when people moan or complain and have a bad attitude all the time.
·         I love bubble baths and singing in the shower.
·         I don’t love being woken up by my neighbours arguing or doing the nasty.
·         I love music and dancing.
·         I love learning new things especially about myself, it’s so refreshing.
·         I don’t love not being successful in things that I pour my heart into.
·         I love it when I can find a pair of shoes in my size – very rare thing that!
·         I don’t love it when my sister’s boyfriend comes over and leaves the toilet seat up.
·         I love curling up in bed with a Stephen King book and a truckload of snacks.
·         I don’t love it when people hurt each other or animals.
·         I love cheesy pizza and pasta - hmmmmm.
·         I don’t love it when a little drop of toothpaste falls onto my top.
·         I love catching a tan and building sandcastles on the beach.

So that’s me in a little nutshell. I’m really happy with the person I am right now but I also look forward to growing every day in all aspects of my life. Wherever I may be in the next ten years time, be it a famous rock star, a crowd-pleasing dancer or even a successful PR lady person, all I want is to be a ten times better version of myself. Everything in life – all the problems, hurt and destruction can be changed by positive attitudes and energies. There’s really nothing else to it!

Peace, love and happiness