Thursday, February 10, 2011

Designer PR - yes please!

In a nutshell Designer PR is doing PR for well…designers! Fashion designers, graphic designers, web designers, home designers – you get the picture. All in all it’s totally fabulous daaaarling, don’t you think?
With PR being such a broad field, the opportunities in this profession are endless. I have to admit that when I chose to study this course, I didn’t have a cooking clue about what Public Relations actually entailed. I saw the words media, events, lights, camera, action and I was sold! Man, how disappointed I was halfway through my first year. However, in the second semester of my second year I finally wrapped my head around what PR actually was and came to realise that “Hey, I can definitely do this!”
The reason I’m so excited about Designer PR? I love all things creative! Music, dance, stage performances – oh how I love them all! Now while PR isn’t a rigid career field, personally I wouldn’t be happy doing PR for Government. I want the environment I’m working in to be about all things creative. My clients will be artists, dancers and rock stars!
With the long-awaited recognition of PR’s importance, we as PR professionals can now shine in our industries and society! Before we were labeled as an unnecessary luxury, but with the shift in corporate leadership, customer relationships and the arrival of social media all over the world, PR has become a need. They tried to hold us down but we came back stronger than before!
I mean Designer PR – wow who would’ve thought? I love that PR is constantly on the lookout for new trends, new opportunities and new methods of operating. We’re evolving and embracing the changes that the world throws at us. And as  you all know, only the strong survive, so there you go J


  1. Go Alexa, go! Definitely enjoyed reading this blog. It's always good to explore and venture into the unknown and expand opportunities. Be innovative, test your skills and see where it takes you.

  2. I realy enjoyed your post. I got sort of excited. You make everything sound so exciting and fun! Good work!!

  3. Designer PR -yes please!! I enjoyed this post. You woke the passion within me.

  4. I am glad that you found an element of PR that makes you excited and will make you happy to go to work everyday.