Thursday, April 7, 2011

not all who wander are lost

Society produces robots. If you’re not wearing the right clothes, listening to the right music, dating the perfect guy/girl, in possession of the latest techno gadgets or friends with the right people well, you are basically a loser. People who are different are labelled ‘social misfits’ and I sometimes think to myself who are we to call someone a ‘social misfit’? Who died and gave us the power to decide what’s hot and what’s not? These standards that society has set are actually quite stupid. I think that humans must be the most self-destructing and plain stupid species in the world.
We point, stare and frown at people who wander away from society’s path. Musicians are a perfect example. They are considered to be poor and irresponsible with their heads in the clouds. We shake our heads at their rickety cars and dirty jeans but when they make it big, we’re the ones that end up worshipping them. I find that the weirdest thing!
I’m so glad that there are at least some people that don’t conform to society’s rules. How dull wouldn’t the world be? You can call them crazy or even feel sorry for them because they’re not up to ‘standards’. But while you’re freaking out trying to be perfect so you can stay ‘in’ with society, the wanderers are free. Free to open their minds and hearts to greater experiences. They are not the lost ones; they know what they want and where they want to be.  They aren’t the ones falling subject to the mind-controlling game of society.


  1. Its sad that society has become such a great influence to all that we do in life, but you're right. The world would be plain and boring if all were afraid to step out of their shell.

  2. Can't say it better than this! You have a great perception of the world. You always have...