Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We Are Afraid of the Wrong Things

We’re afraid of what people are going to think, what they’re going to say… According to whose standards though do we classify things as being right or wrong? Just a thought…

Are you doing things to keep others happy or do you put your own happiness first? As many of us have learnt, it’s impossible to keep everyone happy. There are those that drive themselves crazy, trying to get the approval of others. We’re afraid of being alone, afraid of being different, afraid of the pictures that others paint of us. I don’t believe that we should be afraid of anything really. Sure, there are some things that we may be unsure of, which could harbor the feeling of being afraid. But in the sense that there are “wrong things” to be afraid of, I don’t feel that there are “right things” to be afraid of.

The world is so superficial and filled with so much material crap. Our priorities have shifted and taken on an insignificant point-of-view. We’re so consumed with all the nonsense circulating in society that we’ve become afraid of meaningless things. We take the important, deep and self-fulfilling things for granted. Or worse of all, we no longer value them.


  1. Hey Lex! That what my argument too . . . Like how you put it though!

  2. Love it! "Our priorities have shifted and taken on an insignificant point-of-view." That's exactly what I've been tryna say! Well done. You have always been able to put things down in writing so well.

  3. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword. Lex, you inspire me to become a better person. mwah!

  4. This is so true. Why do we always hesitate in doing what we want to because we're afraid of what others may think? There are often times where I find I try to convince myself that I do not worry about others perceptions of me.