Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fish falling from the sky

Fish falling from the sky is pretty gross if you think about it. Imagine walking down the street, strolling along, enjoying the beautiful weather and all of a sudden fish start falling from the sky. Imagine walking out of the hairdresser, you just had your hair done and you’re looking like a million bucks when all of a sudden fish start falling from the sky. It doesn’t matter whether they’re raw or cooked, dead or alive – fish falling from the sky is gross. (Scarily enough there have been reports of this REALLY happening in a few parts of the world. Click here if you don't believe me)

Besides the disgusting sight, think of the stench that all that fish would bring. It would be so hard to breathe. What a view astronauts would have! The earth would be surrounded by a thick green haze - hot lime green air circling the globe, something like you’d see in the cartoons.

The safest place you could be would be indoors with the windows closed so the falling fish don’t find their way inside and with the curtains closed so that you wouldn’t have to see all the shiny, slick fish bodies lying outside. Driving would be insane, flying would be no no your best bet would be definitely to stay indoors.

On the positive side, fish falling from the sky would feed the hungry. They might end up with protein poisoning though...

...I hate to end in the air like this but I need to go cancel my sushi date...

Laters guys!


  1. lol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Lexi! I'm sitting here canning myself! You are so hilarious."hot lime green air" eeeww the words 'hot' and 'air' are already extremely disgusting. Your stories always allow me to create images in my mind of what you're writing about! I love that. Keep it up:)

  2. Loved the graphics, Lex. All in all, a fishy smell is not a good smell...

  3. Loved that you added humour to this one. If fish really fell from the sky I think I would eventually get used to the smell, but Ahhh... never having a good hair, I could never get used to that. Imagine what my grandchildren would think when they look at photos.